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St Colette's Reborn

The internationally renowned Cambridge School, St Colette's was closed in July 2010, just before it reached its 90th anniversary.  For many decades, it achieved exceptional results and standards, with an exceptionally high percentage of the children going onto parents preferred next stage schools.

The Phoenix Cambridge Foundation was founded by St Colette’s parents in April 2010 with the charitable aim of ensuring the fantastic St Colette's teaching team were kept together at our brand new school, The Phoenix School Cambridge.  We wanted to ensure that our children and future generations of children were given the opportunity to experience the same outstanding education provided within a loving, family environment.

As a result, nearly all of our very experienced teachers and teaching assistants joined The Phoenix from the highly regarded St Colette’s and they have maintained the same excellence in their pastoral care and continue to produce outstanding educational performance in their pupils.  They work closely with our parents who are actively encouraged to influence and get involved in the school in any way they are able to.