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Key Stage 1 (Pre-Prep)

At The Phoenix School Cambridge, our priority is the provision of high quality education tailored toZavi individual needs. Our core ethos of providing a warm, stimulating environment in which our children can flourish and grow is evident in all areas of school life.

In Key Stage 1 (Pre-Prep - Years 1 to 2), the children follow the National Curriculum which includes Literacy, Maths, Science, I.C.T. Humanities, Art, Design and Technology, P.E. and Music and this is delivered by highly experienced teachers. The children also have the benefit of specialist music, language (French), speech and dance teachers to extend the curriculum and develop self-confidence and a love of the arts.

The children continue to build on the skills that have been acquired in the Foundation Stage and are heard to read daily using a variety of reading schemes. This develops and extends all the reading skills required to achieve a passionate love of reading and the confidence to research and discover the various genre of literature available to them.

The maths curriculum continues to be taught using practical activities supported by Abacus Evolve and a variety of software. Our aim is to ensure that each child is confident and enthused mathematically and has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our personalised learning is often delivered through topics which allow the children to develop individual interests as well as practising planning, research and communication skills.

Children have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise during class assemblies and in Performing Arts afternoons which are presented to the school and families.

As well as P.E lessons held on other days, every Wednesday afternoon (weather permitting) the children participate in the All School Sports Afternoon which provides them with plenty of fresh air and exercise for their health and well-being but it also provides an opportunity for us to work with them to develop their team, leadership, negotiation and sports skills.