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Our Values

We are a registered charity and our charitable aim is to provide an outstanding education to children aged 3 to 11 years in East Cambridgeshire and through our Bursary Scheme, offer an independent education to families who would otherwise not have this opportunity. Our core values are:


Our approach to education is to provide a mix of proven and innovative teaching approaches that ensures our pupils are offered every opportunity to thrive and excel in our school. We strive to provide a flexible and stimulating school environment for all our pupils engendering creativity, imagination and fun in all that we do.


We will always provide a loving and caring environment for our pupils, where friendship and sharing are encouraged, they will feel at home with our teachers and their well-being and personal development will be an integral part of the educational process.


We aspire to be excellent in all that we do and as a result our pupils are inspired to do the same in everything they do. We are always looking for improvements in our performance and welcome feedback from both our parents and teachers to ensure that excellence is maintained in every aspect of the school.