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F.O.P.S. - Friends Of the Phoenix School

FOPS is our parent teacher group.  The main aim of the FOPS group is to provide a forum for all parents and teachers to get together and talk together.  At the same time, although this is secondary, the aim is to raise money which is then used to buy items for the school, presented by the parents, for the benefit of our children.  The third, but an important aim nonetheless, is to work together to raise the profile of the school.

All input and ideas are welcome at all times.  The FOPS group involves all parents and teachers on an equal basis, with no specific roles and responsibilities within the group.  FOPS is all about creating an opportunity for parents and teachers to get together as well as working together with respect to profile raising, advertising and fundraising.

Goal postsAdventuretrail

FOPS funded goal posts.

Adventure Trail purchased by FOPS