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January 2012

Dear Parents,


A very happy new year to you all.


Welcome back to what I am sure is going to be an exciting and busy Spring term.  The blossom is already out in the garden and goodness knows what the weather has in store for us.  To enable us to deal with all that the meteorological system has to throw at us please could you ensure that all coats are clearly labelled and that they come to school every day.  Could I also please request that you check the name in your child’s coat at collection time because many items of clothing disappear and reappear a couple of days later.


Plans are now well underway to cater for our first Year 3 class.  This is a hugely exciting time for The Phoenix School and we are looking forward to expanding the school and opening the beginning of our Key Stage 2.  If you have any questions relating to this then please come and talk to me.


The FOPS have been busy and our next meal is planned for Thursday 23rd February 2012.  Nadja Hamilton has also been hugely active in researching how to raise the profile of our lovely school and I am delighted to see how many replies she has received from the survey that she asked you to complete.  If you have not returned your reply there is still time in which to do so.  There are two meetings planned for 3pm and 8pm next Tuesday 17 January and I would be grateful if as many people as possible could attend so that a plan of action can be organised and ideas can be discussed.


Clubs will start next week and there are a few changes to be aware of.  Computer Clubs will be strictly limited to 10 members but to ease this there will now be a Computer Art Club during Monday lunchtimes and a Computer Chess Club during Thursday lunchtimes.  Sewing Club after school on Wednesday and Football during Tuesday lunchtime will continue as normal.  Please complete the form at the end of this letter if your child would like to take part in any of these clubs.  A Tap Dance Club is being organised for the Reception, Transition and Nursery children and this will run on Tuesdays after school.  I will send you the details of this as soon as they are confirmed.



Best wishes to you all for 2012.




Jackie Daire


Phoenix School Cambridge

Tel: 01954 263113


Dates for your diary.


Tuesday 17th January        3.00pm and 8.00pm  Marketing meetings

13th – 17th February           Half term

Thursday 23rd February     FOPS meal

Thursday 1st March           World Book Day, bring your favourite book to school and dress up as                                 one of the characters from the book.

Sunday 11th March            Mrs Dixon is running a half marathon in aid of

Monday 12th March           Parents’ Consultations

Tuesday 13th March          Parents’ Consultations

Friday 16th March             Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 assembly.  Parents welcome.

Friday 30th March             End of term 12.00