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School Fees


We believe our fees reflect excellent value given our market leading small class sizes that allow tailored lesson planning and increased teacher to individual pupil interaction.

Registration Fee (non-refundable) £100
Deposit £500
Part Time Daily Fees - Nursery & Transition                        Without EYF         With EYF*
Morning 9am - 12pm (morning snack, no lunch) £30                        No charge
Lunch 12pm - 1.20pm £15                        £15
Afternoon 1.20pm - 3.15 pm £25                        £25
Full Day 9.00am - 3.15 pm (with snacks & lunch) £60                        Not applicable
Full-time Fees (includes snacks and lunch)                         Without EYF         With EYF*      
Nursery & Transition £2870 per term      £2,200 per term
Reception £2910 per term      £2,200 per term

Year 1 & 2

Year 3 & 4

Year 5 & 6

£3,045 per term      Not applicable 

£3,170 per term      Not applicable

£3,195 per term      Not applicable

Extended Services
Sky Larks (8am - 8.30am) £3.75
Barn Owls (3.30pm - 6pm) with tea £3.75 per half hour
Additional School Activities On application


Booked a term in advance

Individual Journeys (no advance booking, space allowing)


£3 per journey each way

£4 per journey each way

*Early Years Funding of up to 15 hours can be claimed subject to parents registering for early years funding via the school by the County's deadlines and being compliant with EYF requirements, otherwise the part-time daily fees set out above for those not accessing early years funding will be payable. Early years funding can only be used to fund morning sessions of 3 hours per day (without lunch) during the Phoenix's academic year (maximum of 36 weeks) and is available until and including the term your child turns 5.

Full time fees are applicable for children attending 5 full school days per week throughout the term for the whole school year (this is a requirement from Reception).

We also accept Employer Childcare Vouchers subject to individual scheme conditions.

We operate a school minibus with a number of different collection/drop-off points and this can be used on a flexible basis by parents. Parents booking set spaces in advance will be charged the cheaper rate and parents using the minibus on an ad hoc basis (subject to space being available on the minibus) will be charged the higher rate.